Phil Autelitano

Founder/CEO, Streaming Features
Founder/CEO, Mediarazzi
Connected Television Producer and Pioneer

We receive dozens of pitches and inquiries every day for Phil’s advice and assistance with TV and film ideas, scripts and projects in various stages of development. Unfortunately, we just can’t get to them all. Due to the high volume of requests for his advice and services, Streaming Features founder and CEO Phil Autelitano is now offering digital TV and film consulting specifically for content creators, filmmakers, studios and others looking to break into major streaming- and digital platforms.

“There’s never been a better time to be a filmmaker. I can help you understand and meet the challenges you face, and take advantage of the amazing opportunities waiting for you in the streaming space.”
— Phil Autelitano

The traditional “Hollywood” model is all but behind us. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others have changed the rules–and the game–as to how television entertainment is produced, distributed and enjoyed. No longer does the success of a film rely entirely on big studios and big budgets. The barrier to entry is lower than ever before, but the outrageous success of streaming content has created an overwhelming influx of new ideas, shows and films. Breaking into streaming is not easy– as before, it’s a matter of standing out from the pack –and while the traditional Hollywood model is quickly replaced by something new, it all still comes down to a few basic challenges, and of course, who you know.

The challenges:

  • Developing and producing your idea into a finished, distributable (salable/marketable and/or monetizable) “product,”
  • Creating a plan for your screenwriting, production and film/TV distribution goals,
  • Identifying the best production and distribution options for your project,
  • Securing the best possible funding, screenwriting, agents, producers, legal counsel, distribution, etc., for your project, and
  • Having a positive but realistic perspective about the entire process.


Whether you’re only at the idea stage, the development stage or the funding stage, writing your script or shooting it, in your final edit or ready to distribute, Phil will help set your project on the right course to streaming success with a complete roadmap to get you there, including customized advice, encouragement, and mentorship you need to succeed. Phil is a renowned expert in streaming- and digital film project development, project management, content monetization and distribution. His “guerrilla approach” to development, monetization and distribution is quickly becoming legendary across a virtual Who’s Who of the entertainment industry. His consulting clients range from new writers and first-time filmmakers to veteran producers, top studios and major networks.

Base consulting fee: $500. This includes an initial consultation with Phil via phone. Prior to your consultation, you’ll be asked to submit the following:

  • A brief synopsis or overview of the project in question (NOT the screenplay)
  • A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your idea, so you can discuss freely without worry.
  • Any links to final video or trailers or other related materials, if any
  • A list of topics or questions you would like to discuss
  • A description of the challenges you face and the goals you wish to achieve.


Realistically, all of your problems or challenges will not be solved in one phone call. If you’re just looking for answers, Phil is happy to provide them. If you’re looking to take advantage of his myriad resources and contacts, however, you’ll want to consider ongoing consulting.

If you wish to meet in-person, you can schedule a lunch or coffee session with Phil for $750 plus the cost of lunch or coffee (and travel, if required.)

Ongoing consulting: $1,000/month retainer. After the initial consultation (and if Phil sees promise in your project) he may offer to provide ongoing support for it from idea all the way through to distribution, based on benchmarks established in your initial call. Phil can take an active, aggressive role in your project development, or remain strictly advisory. He can even help with funding resources. Ongoing consulting includes a minimum of twice-weekly phone consultations in addition to the other services and resources Phil provides. Beyond the fee, Phil now requires a film credit where applicable. Ongoing consulting requires at least a 3-month commitment. First month in advance. (Your initial consultation fee will be applied to your first month, should you commit to a consulting program.) On-site or in-person consulting may be negotiated at a higher price point.

Speaking engagements: Phil is available to speak at industry events and to groups of all sizes, on various topics related to streaming media, connected television, content monetization and distribution. His speaking fees start at $2,500 plus travel and accommodations.

Payment: We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, check or money order. Wire instructions are also available. Billing arrangements can be made for ongoing consulting.

Barter (case-by-case): If you can’t afford the ongoing consulting fee or speaking fee but have a product or service you can offer in exchange, feel free to ask.

Guaranteed Distribution: All consulting clients receive guaranteed digital distribution of your completed TV show or film projects through Streaming Features. We distribute to all major streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.

To schedule a consultation with Phil Autelitano, or to book a speaking engagement, please contact Katie Crawford, Executive Assistant at dev@streamingfeatures.comSorry no phone calls, please. Thank you.